These are the contributors to Traffic Life.

Wes Alderson. A writer of essays covering science, economics, and ethics. He is also the author of literary, science fiction and fantasy short stories --- his first love. In 2001, shortly after his retirement from the electronics and acoustics industry, he earned a Certified Professional Writer degree from U.C.L.A Extension in Los Angeles, California, and he plans to spend the rest of his life writing.

Attila the Stockbroker. Has earned his living as a poet and musician for over 20 years, travelling all over the world. For everything you could ever need to know go to his website at

Ken Avidor. Lives in a house on the south side of Minneapolis with his wife, two daughters, two cats and nearly all the modern technologies that make him crabby. He writes and draws "Roadkill Bill" for the Twin Cities Alternative Weekly Pulse. His comics, illustrations and articles have also appeared in Funny Times and Car Busters Magazine. Car Busters Press has published a collection of the early Roadkill Bill comics. Roadkill Bill is also featured in "Toward the Livable City", an anthology about urban design published by Milkweed Editions. Visit the the website to learn more.

Greg Blanchette. Author, adventurer, engineer and free spirit. He grew up in Montreal, was based in Vancouver for 20 years, and recently fled to Ucluelet, a small town on Vancouver Island, where he works part-time in the newspaper business. Greg is a lifelong commuter and touring cyclist who decries the pervasive effect of the automobile on both society and nature. His work has appeared in many publications, from the Globe and Mail to Sea Kayaker.

Ray Bradbury. One of the most celebrated fiction writers of our time and the author of more than thirty books. Among his best known works are Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man, Dandelion Wine, and Something Wicked This Way Comes. He has written for the theater and the cinema, including the screenplay for John Huston's classic film adaptation of Moby Dick, and was nominated for an Academy Award. He adapted sixty-five of his stories for television's The Ray Bradbury Theater and won an Emmy for his teleplay of The Halloween Tree. In 2000, Ray Bradbury was honored by the National Book Foundation with a medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. Among his most recent books are Let's All Kill Constance, From The Dust Returned---selected as one of the Best Books of the Year by the Los Angeles Times---and One More For The Road. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Marguerite.

Michael Burton. A Chicago-based poet and bicycle activist. He founded the grass roots movement to depave Chicago's Lake Shore Drive and restore the super highway area as a carfree shoreline park. More information is at

Sue Clancy. Looks at life through her funny-bone. She firmly believes that humor helps us look honestly and pragmatically at the world around us. It is through this frank examination and laughing at ourselves that we can begin to change things. Sue does humorous cartoons, illustrations and fine art works. She is published frequently in alternative newspapers like the Oklahoma Gazette and various "underground" Zines. She is the founder of This Artist Studio in Norman, Oklahoma, which creates hand-sewn books made with a sense of humor. Life's a funny beast, pet it gently! Website: Email is

Stewart Clayten. Has a BA in English from Simon Fraser University. He lived in Japan between 1992 and 1997, and currently resides in New Westminster, BC, Canada. He hopes to live in Japan again in the future. He is currently working on a novel in which the protagonist more or less stays inside his home.

Kevin Cook. Resides in Kitchener, Ontario where he runs his own business creating illustrations, graphic design, dvd designs, animation, photography and websites. He has been illustrating for over 22 years.

Kenneth De Crescenzo. Lives in Sacramento, California where he works for the California Department of Transportation. He grew up in New York City where he acquired his first bike at the age of thirteen. Ken's entire professional career has been in the transportation industry, starting as a bus driver, moving to transit system and highway planning, and then to his current position. He lives near the American River Bike Trail and frequently takes his blue Raleigh road bike out to see if he can make another "personal best".

Harlan Ellison. Has written or edited 75 books; more than 1700 stories, essays, articles, and newspaper columns; two dozen teleplays, and a dozen movies. He has won more awards for these works than any other living fantasist. He has drawn attention to the art of writing by performing the remarkable feat of creating and writing and completing stories in the windows of bookstores in full view of large audiences; stories that have won major awards and literary prizes. He lives with his wife, Susan, inside the Lost Aztec Temple of Mars, in Los Angeles.

Joanna Emery. Has been a freelance writer for over a decade. Her work has been published in many magazines on a variety of subjects ranging from cultural history to crop circles. Joanna especially enjoys writing for children: she has published one picture book, "Melville Smellville" and is currently working on two middle-grade books. She lives with her family in Dundas, Ontario and would like you to know that her husband and three children were the inspiration behind "Boiling Point".

Peter Gelman. Author of the satirical novels Moonifest Destiny (Quanta, 1995) and Flying Saucers Over Hennepin (Permeable Press, 1997). From Portland, Oregon, he writes for bicycle magazines. You can find more of his work in Breakaway Book's anthology Bicycle Love (2004). With Neal Skorpen, he's working on other projects. Email:

Robert Gregory. Has combined rich academic backgrounds at Cornell, Syracuse, and Duke Universities with a wide range of work experiences: vocational counseling, mental health research and practice, social science think tank membership, substance abuse program direction, anthropology in Vanuatu and elsewhere, and teaching and research about all aspects of rehabilitation and disability. His current passion is almost daily indulgence in tree planting on a 30 acre life-style block of land. Dr. Gregory teaches community psychology at Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand, and writes and publishes as much as possible about the many crucial matters influencing or about to change our little and lovely Planet Earth.

Matthew Frederick Davis Hemming. An animator, writer and amateur automotive ethologist based in the stinky megalopolis of Toronto, Canada. He has four cats, two dogs, one fish, one daughter and one wife. He has a shiny bicycle, and his favourite colour is Prussian Blue. Matthew's website is at

Lee Henderson. Vancouver's Fossilosopher; writes songs for community celebrations such as Bike Month, and The Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels Anarchist Street Theatre Collective.

Matt Hern. Lives in East Vancouver with his partner and daughters. He directs the Purple Thistle Centre, edits Crank Magazine and is on faculty at the Institute for Social Ecology. His new book is Field Day: Getting Society out of School.

Jim Hoehnle. A Vancouver based artist whose varied practice is focused on social change. Jim works in several different media including ceramics, painting, graffiti, and mixed media kinetic sculpture. One of Jim's most recent projects was presented at Vancouver's 2003 Parade of Lost Souls Festival. There, with the help of Pedal Works and local chopper bicycle enthusiasts, a chopper drama was performed, climaxing with the burning of an SUV in effigy. Children spontaneously cried out, "Burn the SUV", which was sweet music to the artists' ear.

Alex Lang. Poet, lyricist and television writer/producer; living in LA. He received his MFA from Antioch University, Los Angeles. His work has appeared in many periodicals, including Caffeine, Recursive Angel, and The Prospect (U.K.), as well as in the anthologies The Brink: Postmodern Poetry 1965 To The Present, and The Road to Recovery: A Tribute to 9-11 and Other Poems ( as "Shuggie Love"). His lyrics are featured on the Monkey Bars' album Food-Eating Food (also as "Shuggie Love").

Janice Levy. Author of numerous children's books: "The Spirit of Tio Fernando," "Totally Uncool," "Abuelito Eats With His Fingers," "The Man Who Lived In A Hat," "Finding The Right Spot," and "Alley Oops!" She has won the Writer's Digest Magazine Competition for best literary short story three times.

Jeff Mann. A former `back-to-the-lander' who has seen the error of this approach despite best intentions. He lives with his wife and two sons in a solar and wind powered, wood heated, compost toileted etc. house near the coast of Maine. He finds living there great, but regrets this life style is hopelessly dependent on the car. Aside from sculpture, he works as a substitute teacher and is a mediator for the Maine courts.


Scott Massey. A photo-based artist currently living in Vancouver. He recently completed a BFA (Photography) at Emily Carr Institute of Art+Design and has a background in furniture making and design. His work deals mainly with aspects of landscape that display evidence of the reciprocal relationship between nature and culture. Recently, he has been creating temporary, outdoor sculptural installations related to this theme.

Keith McKellar. Worked at sixty-five different jobs in several fields, before becoming the professional artist Laughing Hand. His travels have taken him on many urban vagabond walking journeys in North America and overseas. He has worked as a street artist for twenty-one years doing stints in California, Japan and Taiwan. His recent "Neon Eulogy; Vancouver Cafe and Street" is a collection of line-drawings and stories of Vancouver vintage cafes and cinema theatres that chronicles the rise and fall of neon in historical Vancouver and details an entertainment history of its cafes and theatres. He has published writings and drawings in a number of magazines and newspapers. See more at

Ray McManus. Received his MFA in poetry from the University of South Carolina in May 2000. His poetry has appeared in Crazy Horse, Nimrod, Oakland Review, Illuminations, Natural Bridge, and other journals. He teaches poetry and composition at the University of South Carolina. Ray also coordinates and teaches community poetry workshops in South Carolina. "Gridlock","Pavement" and "Main Street at Eighty" are from "Asphalt", a series of poems about the road.

Rick Millikan. Has long enjoyed cycling as a practical "trans-sport" and life sport. A retired educator, he is now dedicated to sharing his enthusiasm for cycling in a monthly cycling column in Backpackers News, a British Columbia-Alberta publication. Moreover, Rick and his wife Chris encourage others to discover soft pedal adventures through their travel articles, especially in the beautiful bicycle friendly Northwest of British Columbia. Their travel stories have appeared in various newspapers as well as popular online magazines such as, and

Scott Munn. A writer and photographer living in rural East Sussex, England. He is often faced with a traffic jam of several hundred sheep in his front yard.

Aaron Naparstek. A writer, interactive media producer and transportation activist in Brooklyn, New York. The never-ending assault of horn-blasting beneath his apartment window compelled him to begin writing honku---haiku poetry about honking, traffic and American automotive insanity. He began taping honku to neighborhood lampposts and soon a local traffic calming and poetry movement was born. Visit his web site,, and add your own honku to the virtual "Lamppost." His book, "Honku: The Zen Antidote to Road Rage" was published by Villard, June 2003.

Sara Ross. (a.k.a. RedSara) A locally engaged media producer in Vancouver, Canada. The focus of her work is creativity, community, and bicycles. A proclaimed cycling celebrationist and community artist, she brings art and shared creativity into our everyday experience of the city through projects such as the Democratic Poster Project, Community Public Art on bike routes, Critical Mass, Bikes Not Bombs Vancouver, and the Pedaling Zoo. She is currently working for PEDAL (Pedal Energy Development Alternatives) to promote bicycle culture, and to build community through bicycle creativity and bicycle art. Sara's professional art practice includes urban landscape painting, installations, graffiti, and performance art (online at Her art education is ongoing, life-long, and mostly non-institutional.

Stephanie Scarborough. A pisces, vegan and wishes she could play the accordion. She writes a monthly zine called The Cheap Vegan and runs an online distro dedicated solely to food zines ( Her work has appeared in Whistling Shade, Haz Mat Review, Bovine Free Wyoming, Paperplates, Planet Relish, Tenderfoot and elsewhere.

Andrea Schmidt. Lives in Vancouver, Canada with cat Bruce and roommate Lili. Currently works at the University of British Columbia designing books, posters, forms etc. Spends spare time biking aimlessly through the streets taking digital photographs. URL:

Gene Seibel. A Kansas farm boy who left the country for the lights of the big city. After a few years in television broadcasting, he got back in touch with the great outdoors and wide open sky as a private pilot. Over the next twenty years, his love of flying took him, his family, and his flying machine into countless situations of adventure and intrigue all over this land of ours. Gene has always considered his opportunities to fly and travel a special blessing. He has shared them in any way he could, from giving airplane rides to children of all ages to writing about his experiences and observations. He is the author of the true adventure book Confessions of a Pilot.

Andy Singer. A car-free cartoonist and illustrator, currently living in St. Paul, Minnesota. His panel cartoons appear regularly in 17 publications, including The Utne Reader, The Funny Times, The St. Paul Pioneer Press, Ventura County Reporter, San Diego CityBeat, Boston's Weekly Dig and Z Magazine. He has also published cartoons in The New Yorker, Esquire, The Progressive, Discover and dozens of other magazines, newspapers and books around the world. He is the author of a book of essays and cartoons about automobiles entitled "CARtoons" and his work has appeared in two major cartoon compilations --- "Attitude", edited by Ted Rall, and "The Best of the Best American Humor", edited by Raymond Lesser and Susan Wolpert of The Funny Times. You can see more of Andy's work at Contact him at

Neal Skorpen. Lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Marcie and two cats. He is the creator of two comic strips Cyclotoon and Muddlemarch, both of which appear in papers across America. Neal also teaches drawing and computer graphics at the Art Institute of Portland, practices Aikido, and plays too many video games. Visit his cartoon world at

Michael Smith. Grew up in rural Kentucky and has lived for the last 25 years in New York. He has never owned a car. With Charles Komanoff and a few other other wild-eyed visionaries, he co-founded Right Of Way ( in the late Nineties; his Manifesto in this collection was originally written for the group's Web site. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the New York Daily News, Newsday, the Washington Post, and the online magazine Salon.

Karen I. Stanley. Can be seen around Vancouver riding an old five-speed now considered hip as a `cruiser'. A yogini, community dancer and movement researcher, this loving Auntie prefers to walk and cycle so she can give attention to the detail surroundng us. Karen is a big fan of Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels and Chopper builder/riders; she rode a heavily modified trike as Good Witch for the Parade of Lost Souls this year. Her inner fire is stoked by: spiritual pursuits, weird or sometimes unacceptable art, cycling and a certain Ironworker.

Greg Taylor. A native of Alexandria, Virginia. When he isn't eating doughnuts or racing his bike for the Team Lardbutt Bicycle Club, he's usually drinking coffee. Identified by name in over one-third of ancient world's creation myths, Mr. Taylor is recognized by friends and family as a world-class smart aleck. He commutes to work in Washington, DC, via his bicycle. Mr. Taylor is also a semi-regular contributor to

Grace Tierney. A freelance writer who lives in Ireland and once upon a time she let a much loved bicycle rust in the back garden. When she's not writing, she enjoys gluttony, reading, gardening, and travel. Her short stories have been published in the US and UK, and her non-fiction has been published in Ireland, the UK, America, and Australia. She is a staff writer with `Writer Online' and `Netsurfer Digest'. More of Grace's work may be viewed at

Nicholas Wees. A native of Montreal; after travelling throughout North America he settled in Victoria, British Columbia, where he works in the printing industry. In addition to his love of literature, he is an amateur musician and dedicated gardener. He lives with his wife, who is a sculptor, his son and three cats.

Patricia Wellingham-Jones. Former psychology researcher and writer/editor, is a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee. She has work published in numerous anthologies, journals and Internet magazines. Joining the chapbook, Don't Turn Away: Poems About Breast Cancer, are her new collections, Apple Blossoms at Eye Level and Bags. A Gathering Glance is #43 in the Lummox Press Little Red Book series. Her winning poem was set to music in the SongText Contest, 2003 ( Her website is here.

Dean Wirth. Author of many as yet to be published horror and/or satirical stories. His surreal courier comic "Overnight Sensations" is currently running in the Momentum magazine. Dean cites influences ranging from Lenny Bruce to Mary Shelly to Emily Dickenson to Theodore Sturgeon to John Wyndham to Woody Allen. He is currently working on a comic book version of "Overnight Sensations". Email is

Jeff Younger. Prolific performer, composer and teacher; born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. He began playing guitar as a wee lad and has since contributed his particularly inspired creative energies to countless and madly varied projects. Straight up and experimental jazz, funk, folk, rock, live theatre and multi media collaborations and improvisations have filled his gigging calendar, while his compositional impulses have led him to write quirky jazz tunes, strange instrumental country music, funk extravaganzas, and sensitive folk songs. Currently, Jeff is finishing a bachelor's degree in composition, writing "serious" music in varying styles and instrumentations. His website is


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