Traffic Life : Passionate Tales and Exit Strategies
Edited by Stephan Wehner
An Anthology
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 Traffic Songs  Lee Henderson   A Mighty Fortress Tune: Luther's Hymn: Ein Fest Burg Key: G  A mighty fortress is my car, My great strong box of steel, My shiny sporty four-by-four, My urban sex-appeal. This safe on wheels may crash And small cars I may smash, Some slobs may be dispatched But I shall not be scratched, My sport ute' is my fortress  The world can see how cool I am, How excellent is my lifestyle. All tongues proclaim the brands I buy My choices are such high style. Now get out of my way, Bike burns in spandex gay And stupid old ladies! And leave the road to me In my shiny fossil fortress.                              202
                           Lee Henderson     203   Car Insurance Rates Tune: Old Gray Mare Key: D  Car insurance rates are unfair to me. I don't drive much you see, At least not habitually. Car insurance rates are too much for me; I don't drive much at all (3 times)  My workmate Hal drives a great big SUV. He drives it incessantly from here to eternity. My workmate Hal drive each day from Langalee And pays the same rates as me. He pays the same rates as me (2 times)  Guys like Hal endanger society, Roarin' them SUV's, Makin' the children flee, Guys like Hal are spewin' that smoke ya see, And they should pay twice the fee. But they pay the same rates as me. I'm giving them a subsidy.  Most every place I go ain't very far; I don't hardly use my car, My bike can get me thar. Most every day I grab the handlebars; I wanna pay by the mile, I think I could save a pile, If I could pay by the mile.  Car insurance rates are too much for me; I don't drive much at all (3 times)

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