Traffic Life : Passionate Tales and Exit Strategies
Edited by Stephan Wehner
An Anthology
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 8          Frogspawn Man versus the Boy Racers  His car has a Romford dealership sticker on the window He doesn't exactly have a herpetologist's soul. He stares at the contents of my bucket. He doesn't know what it is. However, I think he realises that I'm not going to start clean- ing his windscreen with it.  The lights change he roars off I walk back to the side of the road and laugh till the tears run down my cheeks, till my sides are killing me till I pull a muscle.  .     .       .     .    .  It's March eight years later. My pond is full of spawn- the great great grandtadpoles of that original bucketful. As I crouch to look at the developing specks the memory comes back. I start to shake the tears run down my cheeks I nearly overbalance into the pond. I run inside I write this poem I feel so happy.
 Once Upon a Time  Gene Seibel     Once upon a time, mankind lived in caves and other sta- tionary structures. Only snails and turtles carried their homes with them everywhere they went and all was well.    But man became restless and bored. He domesticated the four-legged animals and used them for travel. He could then set out on far journeys, but he missed his wife and his stone tablets. In order to kill two birds with one stone, he brought along his wife to carry his tablets and all seemed well.    Soon, woman became exhausted and angry. She tossed the stone tablets over a cliff and they rolled and rolled and rolled, and man said, 'Behold the wheel!' Man tinkered, the four-legged animal was wedded to the wheel, and the chariot was born. Once again, all was well, but getting more complicated.    Man and woman roamed even farther, but they were cold and hungry and there were no motels or fast food joints. Woman said, 'Let us stay home by the fire', and man once again became restless and bored. Man tinkered again, fire was coupled to the wheel, and the automobile came forth. Once more all was well-so long as there were tires, and gasoline, and insurance, and highways.    The automobile became a living being and multiplied, soon covering the face of the earth, and man and woman                              9

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