Traffic Life : Passionate Tales and Exit Strategies
Edited by Stephan Wehner
An Anthology
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 Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Stolen Bicycle  Scott Munn    After my bicycle was stolen on Tottenham Court Road during a real London particular, I made the long walk to Baker Street, for despite the unimaginativeness of the crime, I had hopes that the Great Detective would take my case if only because the chances of retrieval of my beloved mount were so very slim and I've often read that he likes a chal- lenge.   Mrs Hudson answered the bell and ushered me up into the sancto sanctum sanctorum-not before I'd noticed the curtains fluttering up above. Once inside, Watson immedi- ately put me at my ease with a jolly story about the Afghan campaign, quieting only when Holmes developed a tic and muttered something about 'that damned Jezial bullet' in an uxorious tone. Truly they were like an old married cou- ple. In the silence that followed I felt Holmes' scrutiny most keenly. His eyes were insatiable, feeding gigabytes of information to that vast computer of a brain as fast as they could alight on each minute detail of my countenance. I must admit I squirmed a little, nervous that the intrusion                             19

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