Traffic Life : Passionate Tales and Exit Strategies
Edited by Stephan Wehner
An Anthology
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 Copyright   c 2004 Stephan Wehner. All rights reserved. All individual works are copyrighted by their respective authors. See the copyrights section.   Cover Design: Andrea Schmidt (  This work contains texts from around the world. In the absence of a standard for English spelling, the authors' choices were used.  99.9% free of car brand names. (The references in Harlan Elli- son's story Along the Scenic Route, written in the 1960's, were not removed)   National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data Traffic life: passionate tales and exit strategies /editor: Stephan Wehner. Includes bibliographical references. ISBN 0-9734022-0-2 1. Automobiles-Social Aspects-Literary collections. 2. City traf- fic-Literary collections. 3. Automobiles in literature. 4. Automo- biles in art. 5. Automobiles-Social Aspects-Songs and music. I. Wehner Stephan, 1966 NX650.A86T73 2003               700'.455            C2003-906667-3  First Edition.  Printed in Canada.  Text paper stock is 100% Recycled Post-Consumer Waste and Pro- cess Chlorine-Free ('PCF'). It is not necessarily 'Totally Chlorine- Free', since chlorine or chlorine derivatives may have been in- serted into the fibre for an earlier paper life.  wandering soliton publications (a division of) The Buckmaster Institute, Inc. 2150 Adanac Street Vancouver British Columbia V5L 2E7 Canada
 Contents  Foreword                                            v  Preface                                            vii  Greg Taylor: Touched by an Angel?   Nope-Whacked by a Hatchback                       1  Attila the Stockbroker: Frogspawn Man versus   the Boy Racers                                    5  Gene Seibel: Once Upon a Time                       9  Aaron Naparstek: The Basho of Honk                 11  Ray Bradbury: The Pedestrian                       14  Scott Munn: Sherlock Holmes and the Case of   the Stolen Bicycle                               19  Peter Gelman: Bending a Straight Road              23  Scott Massey: The Persistence of Nature and the   Nature of Persistence                            35  Andy Singer: Salvation through Car-toons           38  Harlan Ellison: Along the Scenic Route             49  Dean Wirth: Buscrunch                              62

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