Traffic Life : Passionate Tales and Exit Strategies
Edited by Stephan Wehner
An Anthology
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 124                          Roadkill  (Continued from page 121) harmony remains completely static until the break at the final two bars.    In the melody, we find motives containing tension- inducing notes and angular intervals, rhythmically repeated, varied and displaced over the first two A sections. In the first half of the B section, the melody begins to stretch and move more flowingly, with long, consonant notes and smooth, stepwise motion. However, in the second half of B, we find the parallel movement of an angular motive, setting up a return to the initial melody during the final A, and the conclusion of the tune.
 First, you buy a car  Robert Gregory     First, you find the car of your dreams at the local mo- tor vehicle lot, where else? You know that you have been without a car for far too long. You can't just keep on riding with friends, and the public transportation system has long since gone out of business.    Here's one, a lovely motor vehicle, replete with bells and whistles, with pretty colours too. Grasp the door handle, pull and open the front door. Then sit in the front seat, and note, the seat feels just right. This automobile smells so clean and new, the dials and gauges and wheel and seats look pristine. You decide to buy this vehicle.    Then you hop out to talk with the salesperson. The sticker price seems about right, so you offer to pay that much, of course though, via so many payments over so many months (actually it's years but they always list the months). The salesperson smiles, so you know you have made a good purchase that will serve you well. Isn't a happy salesperson always a good clue to an efficient and reputable deal?    After all, the advertisements in the newspaper and over the television always show how much fun people have in their motor vehicles. You have to fill out the papers, but the salesperson makes that part easy. The salesperson tells you just where to sign.                              125

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