Traffic Life : Passionate Tales and Exit Strategies
Edited by Stephan Wehner
An Anthology
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 64              Portland's Memorial Lifehouse  ban growth boundary against sprawl, for example. In this case of this shrine, the word 'livability' takes a double mean- ing and urgency.       Chiefly, the 'Memorial Lifehouse' is an eight-foot column that looks a bit like a lighthouse, as the name suggests. The lower half of the column consists of masonry; the upper half
                        Peter Gelman                        65  is 'cob' (a building material made of earth, sand and straw). Stained-glass bike wheel-windows at top glow at night un- der a peaked 'green roof'-a roof on which plants grow.   Next to the column there is a seat with a mosaic, includ- ing bicycle parts and other artifacts. On the seat's other side, a small concrete column mounts a bicycle fork that holds a solar panel. The panel powers the lantern through                                        a battery in the                                        main tower.         In                                        the back, an in-                                        flated tricycle wheel                                        helps seal the main-                                        tenance hatch. The                                        site also includes an                                        explanatory sign on                                        a painted bike wheel                                        frame.                                           The natural build-                                        ers met in May,                                        2002, to foster ex-                                        citement about envi-                                        ronmental building                                        techniques, especial-                                        ly cob.    Volunteers                                        built at five public                                        sites, one of which                                        was the Lifehouse.                                        To support the envi-                                        ronmental construc-                                        tion, Portland's Of-                                        fice of Sustainable                                        Development donated                                        ,000. The Bicycle                                        Transportation As-                                        sociation helped or-                                        ganize volunteers for                                        the memorial project.                                           A natural build-                                        ing teacher from

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