Traffic Life : Passionate Tales and Exit Strategies
Edited by Stephan Wehner
An Anthology
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 66              Portland's Memorial Lifehouse  'Builders without Borders' led the work.       In its first eighteen months of existence, the Memorial has succeeded as a shrine and more. It has added beauty and interest to the intersection. It has slowed down auto- mobile traffic in the intersection. It has become a 'place' in the neighborhood, a focal point for cyclists to rally and put up signs. Local newspapers and TV have featured it. For those inclined to think about such things, the Memorial has become an advocate for the idea that there are connections between safety, livability, public space, natural building, and bicyclists.       The following year (2003) several Portland neighborhoods worked with City Repair to create more public spaces, in- cluding one beside a cooperative bike shop on Southeast Ankeny Street.
 Unemployment is Rising  Grace Tierney     My name is Angela and I started to work for the Boss about ten years ago. She had worked hard for years before that in order to afford my services and initially at least the job was perfect.    It's quite rare in my line of work to get close to your boss but I did. Ah yes, we did. I was at work almost seven days a week and I loved it. We went everywhere together, town for shopping, university for her post-graduate studies, deliveries to the recycling center, visits to her friends. Hey we even went to have mud packs and rainwater treatments together and aromatic oil therapy was part of my health- plan. It was a great job and I did it well. She never had to pay for parking, and with me around she never had to wait for a bus or train.    Of course it was hard work too, often with unsocial hours and always carrying the health dangers that go with this kind of work. But I'm an old hand now and the larger pushy vehicles on the roads don't scare me these days. You know, trucks with badly tied loads, buses marking un-signalled turns and taxicabs stopping dead on junctions to collect passengers. It's all just the everyday life of traffic on our streets. I may be getting a bit creaky in the limbs these                              67

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