Traffic Life : Passionate Tales and Exit Strategies
Edited by Stephan Wehner
An Anthology
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 Abundance of Options  Karen I. Stanley       Accessory  Both of us unlock our bikes outside the gourmet grocer. I say: we're alongside an absurd, giant vanity toy. Extremely fine product of engineering, you say.  People charmed, stare slack-jawed. Metallic baby blue pillow puffed up hard body glowing like no other designer condom.  Well-suited driver emerges from shop surveying the scene. Amused lips curl keys tinkle signalling repossession of vehicular fantasy.  Bags balanced we ride away in opposite directions on the sidewalk          (!)                                    96
                         Karen I. Stanley    97 Cosmetic I must, I must Enhance my self image. Somehow envision myself accelerated. I'll Showcase me. Encase me. Windshield me. I'll feel free.  Have to get me some recognition. As in, I'll fit in. Oh, I'll be the one. The one with the perfumey, iridescent, off-gassing, shiny painted can compact-mirror machine. Like me.  Finally I will be grown up, or I'll get propped up. Of course, With help from parents I can be a star Client  Maybe get a commercial

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