Traffic Life : Passionate Tales and Exit Strategies
Edited by Stephan Wehner
An Anthology
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 98    Abundance of Options                                 Remember                                    Outside is                                  Not in a car.                       It is Blinking at Bright                         Green Moss, Moving                          Shored up by Wind,                               Raining on face,                                 Breathing air                                    Is Outside                         Too Busy Now               Transit used to work for people                                     Together.                                        Imagine                               A time we spoke                          Let body remember               how we got from place to place.
 The War for the World: Three Sculptural Views  Jeff Mann            Automan, 1998, clay with stains, 16' x 6' x 5' (41cm x 15cm x 13cm). This was my first sculptural piece after get- ting out of production pottery. I think it's a rather bleak piece which expresses my feelings about how isolating cars are and how integral they have become to our lives.                            99

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