Traffic Life : Passionate Tales and Exit Strategies
Edited by Stephan Wehner
An Anthology
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 112                 Point of Rest                                  Point of Rest, 2002, Mixed Media on Paper, 22'x30'                     (56cmx76cm).
 The Vector Project  Scott Massey         Vectors I, 2002, Aluminum-mounted metallic colour print,                16'x48'x1' (41cmx122cmx2.5cm).   The word vector is derived from the Latin root vehere, 'to carry'.    This series broadly investigates notions of movement; specifically constructions that purport to facilitate move- ment but are in fact part of a reality of increasing immobil- ity. In this world an archaic system of transport continually doubles upon itself, rendering each subsequent layer less effective than the previous one, thus slowly undermining the entire system.                             113

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