Traffic Life : Passionate Tales and Exit Strategies
Edited by Stephan Wehner
An Anthology
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 114                The Vector Project                    Vectors II, 2002, Aluminum-mounted metallic colour           print, 24'x32'x1' (61cmx81cmx2.5cm).     By mirroring the elevated roadway structures back upon themselves, I am suggesting what is easily apparent from looking at a map: we have laid down more roadways than we know what to do with. All of these roadways were con- structed for the express intention of facilitating the move- ment of vehicles and their occupant(s) from one place to another, point A to point B. Anyone who has attempted to travel from one point to another during high volume traffic is well aware of the failures of this system and must realize that constructing more roads is not the solution.
 My Ride  Kenneth De Crescenzo     It is dark and I am cold. I shiver as I wait for the garage door to rise, and resolutely push my bike into the early morning air. An indulged, creature-comforted part of me begs to go back inside, warm myself with a hot shower, and eat breakfast before driving myself to work on four wheels instead of two. The more responsible part of me, bowing to the reality that I inhabit a world of lipids, cholesterol and high blood pressure, narrowly defeats the urge to resign the field before I have fired my shot.    As I straddle my bike and lift onto the seat, I adjust my fanny pack-my earthbound equivalent of a parachute, containing spare tube, tools, and clean underwear. I switch on my helmet-mounted light and its bright halogen beam slices through the mist. The only other sign of waking life is the neighbor's cat, whose eyes glow brightly from under a parked car, as they are caught by my light's beam. I turn on the flashing taillights on both my fanny pack and bike and feel the click of my shoe clips as I push off on my pedals.    The cool damp air cuts through my Lycra tights as I be- gin picking up speed. Once again, I must silence thoughts that would have me return to the warmth of the house, al- legedly to don a pair of gators. Experience has assured me that within a few blocks I will have warmed up. That knowl- edge enables me to summon the motivation to push on. As I                             115

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